Starcraft 2 matchmaking not working

follow link What expansions do you own, and what does your buddy own? But SC2 also has something called 'spawning'. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? If it doesn't work, you can just make a custom game to play vs the AI. The matchmaking system never was. That explains a lot. The first trophy top to be added is a ghost-themed trophy top to commemorate the release of Nova Covert Ops.

We plan to continue adding new trophy tops in future ladder seasons. The minute time limit no longer applies for the final match of a tournament. StarCraft II now allows certain types of patching to be deferred so that the player can finish their current game before applying a new patch. When a new patch is available, a dialogue will appear in upper-right corner of the user interface indicating that the player must restart the StarCraft II application in order to apply the patch.

For more information on our reasoning behind this change, see our forum post. This allows actors to be displayed in the minimap instead of in the game. An example of how this can be used is if we wanted to display an animating model on the minimap that automatically moves and rotates along with an associated actor in the game scene for example, attaching a ping model to a unit that display on the minimap. Actors in the minimap are displayed using orthographic instead of a perspective projection.

Unread whispers are now highlighted more visibly. If the Chat Panel is minimized, notifications will now appear on the Chat Bar if new incoming whispers are received. The Chat Panel can now be used in-game. Performance optimizations have been made to in-game chat. Party members will no longer show up on the chat channel Members List until after they have accepted the party invite. Clicking on the clock will now toggle the display format between Standard Time and Military Time. Improvements have been made to the UI performance of the Matchmaking screen.

Slides in the Home Screen Carousel now load faster. Fixed an issue where pausing a tournament game could cause the winner of the game to still be eliminated from the tournament.

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so again a post because for some reason my other tread is gone.. in thin air. so matchmaking is not working AT ALL! cannot que up. View Post. matchmaking queque are not working on eu server says its curretly unavaiable try again later, none of all game mode are working.

Tournament Map Veto statistics now properly shows records from Tournament games and not for Ranked Ladder games. This fix now shows totals for 3-round and 6-round tournaments, instead of only the currently selected tournament type. The camera will no longer get stuck when using the Seek hotkey in a replay while moving the camera with drag scroll. Playing the Tutorial no longer generates a replay. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when playing Protoss on the Training stages.

Fixed an issue where clicking the middle mouse button while simultaneously moving the mouse would occasionally snap the mouse cursor to the center of the screen. AI games no longer award 2v2 Versus AI achievements. Fixed an issue where Offline Mode would be inaccessible if StarCraft II was launched with a bit version different from the one last used. Fixed an issue in Windows 10 where exiting StarCraft II would override the system mouse pointer speed. Fixed and updated many tooltips and dialogues across all StarCraft II screens to address clarity, positioning, localization, and truncation issues.

Fixed a rare hang that could occur when loading the first Prologue mission, Dark Whispers.

Fixed an issue where changing the hotkey for Warp in Arbiter would not change the hotkey in game. Fixed an issue where incorrect faction units could spawn, making missions impossible to complete, after finishing the Legacy of the Void campaign and then restarting it. Replaying a mission and adjusting army units from the Master Archives will no longer display units that are unavailable.

SC:Remastered Issues, Bugs, Fixes, Help Thread

General The following units and abilities no longer deal friendly fire splash damage: Computer controlled Science Vessels will now properly cast Defensive Matrix. Fixed an issue where Swarm Hosts would sometimes fail to maintain attack distance and focus. Unpowered Photon Cannons no longer display their detection icon and radius.

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The F2 Select Army Units button now functions properly for allied army units of a player that has left the game. Fixed an issue where certain unit and structure upgrades were not being updated in the commander selection screen as they were being unlocked. Fixed several issues where sounds would not properly play when using certain commander abilities. Several tooltip and localization errors across all Co-op menus, screens, and commanders have been fixed or clarified. Commanders Artanis Solar Bombardment now properly hits cloaked units. Artanis no longer loses solar energy when canceling Orbital Strike after not firing any shots.

Karax Fixed an issue where the Solar Forge would not rebuild itself after being destroyed. The Unity Barrier buff no longer applies to Spider Mines. Fixed an issue where the Spear of Adun energy display could occasionally get stuck at or Fixed a number of issues where red textures would display on death animations when using Low graphics quality.

Kerrigan Ultralisks will no longer return to their original launch location if the target of a casted Burrow Charge moves out of position. Nydus and Omega Worms will no longer make certain temporary units permanent. Large numbers of units entering a Nydus Network will no longer trigger an alert that the player has taken heavy losses.

Blizzard outage map

Omega Worms no longer have reduced health when building two of them are built next to each other. Ability Efficiency no longer causes Assimilation Aura to cost -5 energy. Raynor Medics will now properly heal allied Zerg defensive structures.

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Medics will no longer get stuck near damaged non-defensive structures. Medics will no longer heal-follow friendly units if issued a Stop command. Fixed a visual issue that could occur when units load in Bunkers while being healed by Medics. Swann Upgrade Laser Drill Level 2 can now be properly bound to other keys. Fixed a display issue where the Strike from the Shadows debuff icon would be missing in certain cases.

Fixed an animation issue that would occur when Zagara performs her normal attack. Scourge Nests will now properly show the Chrono Boost visual effect. Zerg Queens no longer use their melee attack animation when using their ranged attack.

Fixed an issue where attack waves would occasionally retreat back to their own base. Switching from Low to Ultra graphics quality will no longer cause graphical issues. Several doodads and enemy structures on the map have been adjusted for clipping issues. Fixed several areas on the map to more accurately reflect pathable and unpathable terrain. Fixed a graphical flickering issue that could occur when the Construct is killed with an Orbital Strike.


Oblivion Express Air units will no longer get stuck by air pathing blockers in certain areas of the map. Void Thrashing Fixed an issue where enemy Lurkers would sometimes repeatedly play their burrow and unburrow animations. Fixed a display issue that could occur with pre-placed Protoss structures on the cracked ice texture. Fixed a number of display issues that could occur with creep spread in certain regions of the map. Fixed an issue where red textures could appear around the map when the enemy is Zerg.