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Jun 3, 0 0. Still can't get into a single game. I want to curse up and down at but it won't make a difference. It's going to be weeks before this is fixed. What a crushing disaster. Mar 24, 1, 0 0.

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How do I play a quick game of halo 4 team slayer? I only see halo 1, 2 and TheCanisDirus Member Nov 21, Sep 10, 5, 0 0. Ok I feel bad in the sense I know what it's like to put everything into a project only for shit to happen in one way or another and it go utterly to shit in unexpected ways. Who knows what actually happened but I agree it's inexcusable.

I feel let down.

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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection - "Downloading latest matchmaking data".
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  • Downloading latest matchmaking data!?.
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  • Halo: "Downloading the latest matchmaking data. Please wait.".
  • "Downloading latest data".

I just want to play MP. I can't remember a MP game launching this broken before on console. Eric WK Member Nov 21, Sep 23, 10, 0 0. Only had to time to try two matches. Also had two achievements unlock for things that I have already done dozens of times since the game came out, so there's that. BuggeryBugz Member Nov 21, Sep 10, 1, 2 0.

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  6. Downloading Latest Matchmaking Data?

This has completely extinguished my hype for this game, 9 days later and it is still a flaming car wreck after a 1. Bsigg12 Member Nov 21, Apr 9, 20, 2 0.

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Apr 16, 7, 0 0 Melbourne, Australia. I'm not sticking up for i because the game should be running properly and isn't but bungie had one game to get right, has 4. It's no excuse and maybe they were too ambitious.

Also it's lose not loose. Sep 13, 0 0. Just played about eight matches in a row that worked perfectly. Stayed with the party and everything after each match.

"Downloading latest data" - Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Industries Community Forum

Feb 6, 32, 0 0. They need to make everyone quit out and get the patch. Last 2 times I have tried to start a match one person has had the spinning circle and the match wouldn't start. Jan 18, 3, 0 22 Iowa twitter. My medal flashers aren't working. MaGlock Member Nov 21, Aug 11, 1, 0 0. Spasm Member Nov 21, Nov 13, 3, 0 0 Indiana. Anyone know how to get out of the post game carnage report where it says 'Match Incomplete', and there is no B button option to quit? Prinz Eugn Member Nov 21, Jun 23, 2, 0 0 State College, PA. Oh wow, I just left it going after a game ended and a few people quit, and it added more people to the party to make even teams!

Senpai Neo Member Nov 21, May 24, 31 0 0 Newcastle. I'm consistently finding games quickly now, the update has worked for me!

Known For Honor PC Bugs & Issues

Every time I try to search for an online game a box pops up that reads " Downloading latest matchmaking data. Please wait." I've researched the. Just wanna play some Halo: MCC multiplayer today and I'm getting this " Downloading the latest matchmaking data. Please wait." screen.

Cdoogs Neo Member Nov 21, Jan 4, 37 1 So sad, this was Halo's big chance to get back into the spotlight and I'm afraid i might've completely blown it. JaggedSac Member Nov 21, Jan 14, 17, 2 0. Sarobi Banned Nov 21, Sep 26, 1, 0 0 26 California twitter. Any basis for it launching the 9th? Feb 4, 0 Pune,India. Does the offline 4 player splitscreen or general offline MP works? Sanjuro Member Nov 21, Nov 19, 98, 0 1, Just when I thought I was out Fusion Member Nov 21, Apr 13, 0 0.

Unfortunately it's as bad as ever for me. I let it search for over 5 minutes each time and it never finds anybody.

Xbox Live & Halo MCC issues...

Foxycotin Banned Nov 21, Aug 12, 52 0 0 Baltimore. My experience post patch has been worse. Matchmaking is faster but I'm unable to complete matches due to myself and other players being kicked and lag that causes matches to end early. Before, it took 15 minutes to find a match but I could actually play and complete that match with full teams. The menus are also extremely buggy now and it's hard to tell what the game is doing during matchmaking players connected, players flashing in and out of the roster, timers being off or frozen, etc.

Jan 2, 41 0 0. Marjar Banned Nov 21, Oct 17, 2, 0 0.

How To Fix Connection Issues On Halo MCC

This is a fucking disaster, Jesus Christ. I got the match incomplete thing too and quit out of the game.

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Now it's stuck on that downloading data screen. Literally how do you fuck things up this much? ShyGuy Member Nov 21, Jan 24, 1, 0 0. Click here if you'd like to come and hang out with us! Site Poll - "Which armor variant do you want Chief to wear in Infinite? Posted 13 October - Trying to play matchmaking with a party and continuously receiving "Downloading the latest matchmaking data. I've been unable to play all night because of this issue, only happens in a party, I'm able to play fine when I'm not in a party.

Tried several attempts to remedy and nothing has worked.

Now resulted in a temporary ban from playing due to "leaving too many games". Posted 14 October - One or more members of your party is causing that issue. Try disbanding your lobby and see if you can all search solo, the one or more causing this cannot search solo because he's still "downloading matchmaking data". Have the ones with this issue reboot the game and that should usually solve the problem. Community Forum Software by IP.