My girlfriend used to hook up a lot

Move on she's no good. Need update OP, your not in prison are ya. Haven't talked to her about it yet, probably tonight at dinner. So in about hours.

Originally Posted by FunkDaddy. Wtf do those last two texts mean, sounds like they're backwards Honestly dude, she sounds like it's hard for her not to cheat Could u ever really trust her now? The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. Dude I looked through my girls cell before and I saw something. I called her out on that sh! Lettuce be real they would do the same. Originally Posted by FunAndSun.

Does Her Bedroom History Bother You? Read This

If someone is calling her at 4AM Either she shapes up or ships out. Don't put up with that crap. You are worth what you think are are worth. Do you think you are worth your girl's ex calling her at 4am and her telling you "oh its nothing baby? I didn't think so.


Dump that situation or dump her. Do not be another guy that puts up with whorish behaviour. Dump her, all that needs to be said. Under other circumstances I would ask if the relationship is worth saving to you. However, you're about to go away. Without you around I doubt she'll be as inclined to say no to his advances. Ergo, get out now. Your girl has a lack of respect for you OP.

My Girlfriend Lives As A Toddler - EXTREME LOVE

Sounds like her commitment to you isn't up to par for a healthy relationship. Her conversation with dude should have ended after telling him shes involved. LMAO "trying" to be a good girl - thats weak as fuk bro. You say you like her alot, so firmly let her know whats up.

Girlfriend’s history bothers the fuck out of me

If she crosses the line again, kick her to the curb. Well, if it were me, she'd be gone. Yeah, this privacy invasion bs is another sign to move on. Hope it works out. Originally Posted by Brahesthetics. If they come back, set em on Fire.

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By TheMisker in forum Misc. Ask a guy who ate three 7" Pizza with Pepsi anything?

The Dating Nerd is a shadowy figure whose whereabouts and identifying details remain unknown. What we do know is that he is really, really good at dating. Things are going great. She used to be a huge party girl — like, she drank a lot, and she slept with lots of people.

This really bothers me. What do I do about this? What do you do? However, your concerns do come from a valid place, so I want to address them in more detail. As I see it, there are sort of two different questions here. How can I stop picturing her having sex with other dudes? Essentially, what do I do with my jealousy?

You have a right to your feelings, and these ones are pretty common. Very few people enjoy picturing their partner writhing in ecstasy beneath some unremarkable douchebag.

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I get it, I really do. Like, picture meeting the love of your life, the first person who really made you excited about being a person — and then imagine how you would feel if she dumped you after finding out you had a threesome with two strangers at a trashy party one time. It would be totally unreasonable.

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She lost her virginity at 21 and since then, "went crazy" hooking up with guys through Tinder or going out to clubs for the next 2 years. She told. There are a lot of hypocritical answers here. Few women said to give her a chance but know they wouldn't even give a second thought about dating a guy who.

You would be totally fine with doing any number of things with your dick to any number of different people. This is normal, and human, but also stupid, and irrational. You are the problem here, not her.